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G.I.R.L. Patrol Who said women were the weaker sex...

In the year 3790 women have achieved full equality with men. The glass ceilings of the corporate board rooms were finally shattered several centuries before. The exclusive men's clubs and "old boys" networks are lost to antiquity, like the Dodo Bird and real coffee. For several generations men folk have stayed home to raise the kids like the great, great, great grandma's of olden times. Mom virtual commutes into the holo-office everyday, and is still home to have "quality time" for the "Family Awareness Relationship Testimony" or F.A.R.T., every night during the dinner period.

The men had their chance to screw it up, and they did a good job, a great job. Now it's the women's turn.

Is it a kinder world, a gentler world? Nah... it's a crowded world. 20 billion people now lived on the Earth, Moon and Mars alone. Over crowded and hampered with the mistakes from centuries of neglect and the reckless stupidity of man's past excesses, the human race sought to solve the problem by speading out through the galaxy. It didn't work. The human race was now teetering on the brink of a grand collective, social and moral breakdown. Technology raises us from test tube to 170 year old blobs living in "Senior's only" communities orbiting the moon.

Only one thing holds us back from the edge. Only one force combs our hair and makes sure we have our "Total Block" and "virtual mittens" on before we play inside with out virtual friend from Uranus. Only one all loving, all seeing power tucks us in at night or cracks us up-side the head when we step out of line. Only one army keeps the galactic "boogie man" from under our bed and can sentence you to "Permanent Time Out", and looks good doing it! The Galactic, Insertion, Reaction, Legion, better known as... the women of the G.I.R.L. PATROL!

Follow the interstellar adventures of Captain Vreena and the women of G.I.R.L PATROL in Mike Manley's new WEEKLY ON-LINE COMIC!

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