SCOTT COHN Creator, writer, artist of HEM 'n' HAW

At the ripe old age of 24, Scott is the only Planeteer to still be carded at the door. Any door. He has been dazzling many a family member with his artwork (at least, that's what they tell him), but that's like telling your girlfriend "you like her new haircut".

Scott graduated from SVA (School of Visual Arts) in '96, and has since made a living as a freeloader, pardon, freelancer. His credits include a story in the Big Book of Urban Legends, a story in Blackout comics, and various spot illustrations such as an invitation for USA/Sci-fi channel and a children's book for Books of Wonder. He is concurrently working on a fitness book, his Halloween story for AP, and the cure for male pattern baldness.

HEM 'n' HAW TM and 1998 Scott Cohn.
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