JASON ARMSTRONG Creator,Writer, artist of DOC THUNDER

Who is the world's last defense against evil aliens, maniacal madmen and fifty foot monsters? Doc Thunder! That's who! He's always prepared for adventure with a secret atomic device or the activation of his atomic powered Thunder Gloves! Krak!


Doc Thunder TM and 1998 Jason Armstrong

Creator, writer, artist on DOC THUNDER.

A short Biography on Jason Armstrong!

Jason Armstrong , the first Canadian Planeteer, is just finishing up a Marvel Universe storyline with Action Planet dictator-for-life, Mike Manley. "I really dig those crazy Kirby monsters," Jason says, "Kirby rules!" Coincidently, issues 6 and 7 of Marvel Universe should come out around the same time as the Action Planet Halloween Special! Check them out! (plug! plug!)

After a year's run on the Legion of Superheroes, Jason is happy to get back to his first creation, Doc Thunder! And most importantly, he's marrying his long time love, Susan at the end of the summer! Yeah!

Jason's past credits over the last five years include the Sensational Spiderman, Hercules, Robin, Damage, Superboy, The Ray and 2099:World of Tomorrow! Whew!

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