Mike Mike Manley
Creator/writer/artist on G.I.R.L. Patrol and Monsterman, Editor/publisher of Action Planet Comics.
  Bret Bret Blevins
Artist on Comet Chasers in APC #2, and upcoming features in
Action Planet Comics and Uncle Slam and Firedog.
Phil Phillip Hester
Creator, co-writer, penciller onNails, breakdowns on Uncle Slam.
Ande Ande Parks
Creator, writer, finish artist on Uncle Slam and Firedog.
John John Heebink
Creator, writer, artist of Wrathbone and Bitchula.
Ricardo Ricardo Villagran
Cover artist and all-around swell guy

Jerry Ordway

Creator, artist, writer of The Messenger.

Jason Armstrong

Creator, artist, writer of Doc Thunder.

Scott Cohn

Creator, artist, writer of Hem 'n' Haw.

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Illustrations on this page by John Heebink except for Bret Blevins portrait by Bret Blevins. Scott by Scott Cohn and Jason drew himself.