Copyright Information

Action Planet Comics, Monsterman and all prominent characters TM & ©1996/1997/1998/1999/2000/2001 by Michael C. Manley

G.I.R.L. Patrol, Captain Vreena and all prominent characters is TM & © 1997/1998/1999/2000/2001 by Michael C. Manley

The Messenger is TM & ©1996/1997/1998/1999/2000/2001 by Jerry Ordway

Carl the Being is TM & ©1996/1997/1998 by Aaron McClellan

Nails is TM & ©1996/1997/1998/1999/2000/2001 by Phillip Hester

Uncle Slam and Firedog is TM & ©1996/19971998/1999/2000/2001 by Ande Parks

Wrathbone and Bitchula is TM & ©1996/1997/1998/1999/2000/2001 by John Heebink

Hem and Haw is TM & ©1998/1999/2000/2001 Scott Cohn

Brannigan's Ghost is TM & ©1998/1999/2000/2001 James Bret Blevins

Doc Thunder is TM & ©1998/1999/2000/2001 Jason Armstrong

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