cover rough33a
  The first rough

cover rough33b cover rough33c

The final sketch (2)          The final sketch blacked in (3)

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Superman Adventures editor Mike McAvennie wanted an sort of all purpose cover for this issue. It was scheduled to be a fill in. So an iconic image of Superman was called for. With a character whos been on hundreds if not thousands of comics book covers, it is hard not to repeat a theme by now. So I thought for a moment and scribbled a few thumbnail ideas, settling on the one above. It's basically Superman as Sampson in the temple. A pretty iconic idea. I figured there were hundreds of covers of him saving trains,planes, or lois. Another several hundred that show him flying. I thought this idea summed up what the character means to me. A god like figure of superhuman strength, saving people, a pillar of strength-ouch! Okay I'm sorry. Next I blew up the little sketch which was about the size of a matchbook on the copy machine. I traced though the main shapes and did a final tight sketch (2), which I then blacked in with markers (3) to work out the shadows, and faxed it to DC. They approved it and then I traced it off, and tightened it up. Shazam-a Superman cover.