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Here's my list of links to some of my favorite places to visit on the web. Some are regular stops, some are freinds and some are listed here because they're cool. If you have an updateto a site or link here, or one to recommend, send me an e-mail with the address. As you can see from the links below, it's diversity that makes the planet spin.

The Mecca of web comics. The home of Charley Parker's award winning comic, produced totally in the digital realm. Charley's also the original arcitech of the Action Planet site. Follow the adventures of Argon Zark, Zeta Fairlight, and his robot Cybert, as they explore the web via Argon's Personal Transport Protocol. Watch out for those Bad Nasty Jump Jumps! Highly Recommended!
The home of my former high school pal Lloyd Dangle's weekly strip. Who knew that two power house comic talents like Lloyd and myself would spring from the Production art class at Huron High.
The home of Don Simpson's Fiascoverse. Featuring Megaton Man, Border Worlds and the bizzare Heroes. Don been running several weekly on-line comic strips on his sight and Megaton Man's weekly strip's been running for one year. A great site and lots of fun. Recommended.
Image Comics
The company formed by those former young turks from Marvel. Publisher of Spawn, Gen-13, the Savage Dragon and several indie-black and white books. Links to the various sub studios like Jim Lee's WildStorm Productions.
Black Eye Productions
Small comic publisher with nicely designed web site. They are the former publisher of the hyper cool Land of Nod by Jay Stephens. Jay's work made me laugh so hard once that I almost crashed my car. I guess should wait to read my comics at home. Jay's now being published by Dark Horse comics.
SYSTEMS MAN: By Tarmo Saks. An Inet Comics Presentation.A cool on-line comic featuring the Web's most dubious and only U.N. created cartoon hero who battles the forces of chaos and disorder in a full-color, 50's sci-fi style, original Web Comic extravaganza! A good site with some nice animation.

Digital Webbing
A source for print and web comic news, with a daily list of the updated comic sites on the net. There are also reviews and links to other site on the web. You can find news posts there about Action Planet.
AAA Aardvark WraithSpace Comix Index
A great looking site featuring daily news about comics in print and on the web. A good source for links and info. Reviews, polls and more. G.I.R.L. Patrol was site of the week there on 1-11-1998
Yahoo-Entertainment:Comics and Animation
A big and growing list with descriptions.
The Comics Hotlist
An extensive list, no descriptions, arranged according to daily, weekly, and monthly web comics.
A2Z Entertainment and Leisure, Comics and Cartoons
A Lycos/Point listing, with descriptions.
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Syndicated and Editorial cartoonists,
New Comic Book Releases List
The scoop or the poop ( depending on your tastes in books) on the comics due out this week


Jack Kirby
The Jack Kirby Collector The web site home of non profit the Magazine of the same name, published by John Morrow. Devoted to the King of Comics.The single most powerful and creative force artistically to work in comics, and the creator of Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Thor, the New Gods and just about everything cool at Marvel comics. My all time favorite comic artist. Nuff Said!
What can you say about the man that hasn't been said before? From his colaboration with the late J.M. Chalier on the highly acclaimed Lt.Blueberry to his ground breaking sci-fi work ( Air Tight Garage, the Incal series to name two) as a founding member of Metal Hurlant to his designs for movies, Jean Giraud, (aka Moubieus) is at the top of the profession. Posessing the ability to draw in varius styles and techniques and cross polinate genres, his work is the corner stone of European comics. A true god of the medium.
Bill Morrison's Roswell
A nice site devoted to the charming and fun comic by Bill Morrison. Follow the adventure of Roswell the little green man as he and his friends
World Wide Woodring
JIm Woodring's work is as surreal on the web as in the comics he draws, "Jim" and "Frank". I really love his work. I think you will to.
PAUL POPE-Horse Press
Pope does a cool book called THB. It's is a big story about a 13 year-old girl called HR Watson who lives on Mars. The character "THB" is her 7 foot inflatable rubber bodyguard. Pope's also done other books book called P-City Parade and 2 really cool oversized comics called Giant THB. Pope's work is moody and full of loose brush work. I enjoy and recommend his books.
The site devoted to the man behind the Rocketeer and the Betty Page craze. Stevens is one of the best artist working in comics and illustration today. Especially adept at delineating the female form he is highly sought after as cover artist.

Lou Brooks
Jill Bell
Tracy Sabin
Michiko Stehrenberger
Michico specializes in creating illustration and character design for animation, logos, books, magazines and interactive projects.
The place to go if you love illustration. Pyle ,Wyeth, Cornwell, Rockwell, they're all here. Run by Walter and Roger Reed they have the best collection and knowledge of American illustration anywhere.

The studio run by John Kricfalushi the creator of Ren and Stimpy. Once again John K and the animators at Spumco are making history, this time by producing cartoons on the web. Starring George Liquor (Formerly of Ren and Stimpy) and Jimmy the Idiot, the cartoon downloads live into your 'puter using FLASH animation complete with music and voices! Just like TV accept there are no pesky censors to mess with Mr. K's vision. Great drawing and expressions abound, and pour like virgin maple syrup into the eyes of the viewer....JOY! Also check out the great Spumco Comic Book of the same name produced by Dark Horse Comics. There are 3 issues to date and the fourth one is scheduled for the spring of 98.
Chip Cataldo's super cool site detvoted to the art of Bruce Timm, the artistic driving force behind the award winning Batman and Superman shows for the WB network. Here you'll find tons of great sketches and drawings of Marvel, DC and other comic characters as well as dozens of drawing from Bruce's archives and never before seen comps and animation production art! Bruce is the Man! Most highly reommended!
The home of Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid as well as Bugs and Daffy.It's also the site for SUPERMAN the animated series, which of course is great!
The site devoted to the hit animated series. It's a little out of date now but it still has plenty of info on the old shows.



If quirky lyrics and catchy melodies are your bag, then the Giants are for you. John Flandsburgh and John Linnell are the Lennon and McCartney of these savage times.There's nothing like a room full of comic artists at 2 am singing along with "the Statue got me high" or "Put Your Hands Inside the Puppet Head"! The giants put on great high energy shows, so check your local paper or their web site to see when their in your neck of the woods.
the Internet home of Echoes, a Nightly Music Soundscape heard on Public Radio Stations across the United States. Here you will find the Echodisc Catalog, which contains a large selection of Ambient, Acoustic, New Age, Techno-Tribal, Space and World Fusion CDs and Cassettes. You can also find Playlists for the program, a list of Stations that carry the show. I'm lucky since get to listen 5 nights a week here in Philly on 88.5 WXPN. Great music to work or sleep to.

An extensive site for "Bubble Headed Boobies" and fans of the hit 60's TV series. My favorite show as a kid! DANGER DANGER Will Robinson!
The Dicovery Channel
The home of the on line home of one of my favorite late night TV zoning. TV listings and schedules. Also a link for the Learning Channel and Animal Planet.
The Ambit Has an Up-To-Date Ten-Day SCIENCE FICTION TV Program Guide, Live Cam Pages Including NASA Mission Displays And Street Scenes, Search The Web & Link To THIRTY Search Engines, Easy Access To FIFTY Computer E-Zines, HOT Sources for HTML Home Page Creation, The BEST Computer & Windows 95 Information Sources, A GAZETTE With Up-To-The-Minute Headlines & Links To News/Finance/Local Weather/Comics & More, And SCORES of Links To Lesser-Known Web Pages For Reference & Fun.
A cool site devoted to the largest meat eating dino ever found. Also a good source for links to other dino related sites.


The super cool site run by Harry Knowels. You want the inside scoop on the new Tarantino flick, it's here. You want to know the latest news on what's happening on the set of the new Star Wars films, it's here. Want to know what the 3rd puppeteer working Yoda ate for lunch-it's here. Harry's got well placed spies all over the industry feeding him the lastest on all sorts of inside news and movie previews. Some of the info the big studios don't want you to know, but Harry puts it out there, hanging their dirty laundry for all to see. All this and a sense of humour to. It's one of my favorite sites to vist several times a week. Most highly recommended!

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog

I love this catalogue. I love it because it has just about every book, Trade paperback, graphic novel, girly book in print, as well as a great selection of books on art and illustration.If you're into fantastic art, classic illustration , or comic book and comic strip collections,they're here. For only $3, redeemable with first purchase, you can get their 240 page catalog.
Bud Plant Illustrated Books
Focusing on illustrative, cartooning, comic, reference and how-to art books From the 1880's to the 1990's Books about illustrators are a specialty. If you're at the San Diego Comic-Con stop by their booth. I've found many a wanted book thru them. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. and Bud Plant run the place. I've had several pleasant dealings with Jim. I really recommend theses guys. Thru them I found those hard to find Andrew Loomis books I so wanted.
Westfield Comics
Don't live near a comic store, but still need your comic fix. Order from the fine folks at westfield. They carry all the major companies books and a good selection of indies.
Master List of Comic Book Stores
Locate the nearest emporium of four color entertainment to you.

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