Looking for a little light in the comics darkness?

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Tired of the same old super-team slugfests? You know, they've all got The Big Guy, The Fast Guy, The Smart Guy, The Energy-from-his-hands Guy, The Gorgeous Babe, and The Just-as-soon-kick-your-teeth-in-as-look-at-you Babe... Long on big guns and fists, but short on imagination? Is it all becoming teeth-grittingly predictable?

Well, Action Planet can help. Taken as directed, fast-acting Action Planet speeds releif to tired, jaded comic readers in minutes! With brash new heros and off-beat stories, Action Planet goes directly to the fun center of the brain and brings a jolt of relief!

If your local comic shop is sold out, don't despair! You can order Action Planet Comics with our convenient Mail Order Form.

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