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Ricardo Villagran

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Ricardo Villagran

Born in the small northern city of Correntes, Argentina in 1938, Ricardo a natural artist, and oldest of three brothers and one sister, was already drawing by the early age of four. After finishing High school, he entered into the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aries.

While still in school, Ricardo started accepting freelance work for various advertising companies, printers and comic publishers. He continued to take freelance assignments during his compulsory service in the Argentine Army.

After receiving his discharge from the military, and returning to civilian life, Ricardo quickly put his full effort back into working as an illustrator. His list of clients grew to include most of the big advertising agencies and printing houses in Argentina. He quickly established himself as one of the top illustrators. In constant demand for his draughtmanship and speed, Ricardo spent several years, accepting top commissions.

In 1969, Ricardo returned to the field of comics. He worked for Editorial Columba (Buenos Aries, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Caracas, Asuncion, Montevideo, Santiago) Codex Ediciones, Guisa (Spain), Eura (Rome), Fleetway (London). He illustrated numerous covers and stories covering every subject from barbarians, romance, westerns to science fiction.

In 1970 Ricardo was elected the Vice President of the "Association de Dibujantes," and co-creator of the " Association de Illustradores," in Argentina. The ever-increasing demand for Ricardo's work led him In 1974 to open his own studio, Nippur Quatro, with his two brothers Enrique and Carlos. At one time the studio grew to employ 20 artists and assistants, producing work for comic publishers in Argentina and Europe. Many of the famous and poplar artist of the time and today, passed through it's doors. Many young, up-and-coming artists received the knowledge and experience to go on to successful careers of their own, working under Ricardo's tutelage and easy manner.

In 1982, Ricardo came to the United States, established contacts in comics. He started working from Argentina for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, Dark Horse Comics and many others. He has attended and shown his work in many conventions in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego and Detroit.

Ricardo's first love has always been painting. He has had several exhibitions of his work including, Museo del Prado ( Madrid), Municipal De Exhibiciones ( Buenos Aries), Museo de Armas, Secretaria de Turismo and many others.

Ricardo now splits his time between Philadelphia and Buenos Aries. He continues to accept illustration and comic assigments, but is now concentrating more on his first love, painting. He's currently preparing several pictures for future exhibitions.

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