Phil Phillip Hester

Creator, co-writer, penciller onNails, breakdowns on Uncle Slam.

Phil's dramatic, highly distinctive style has made him an in-demand artist for some of the comic industry's most exciting titles. Now he's brought his dynamic drawing skills to his own creation: Nails. The project allows him to indulge in three of his favorite things: action, action  and action!

Phil was born in Iowa and he still lives there with his wife and son Dean and daughter Emma. He began working in comics while a student at the University of Iowa and hasn't stopped since. His work includes: Swamp Thing, Argus, Magic the Gathering  (Antiquities War), X-Men  (The Early Years), Negative Burn, Boneshaker, Taboo, Deadline U.S.A., Weird Business, The Flash, Namor, Nightbreed, Freaks' Amour, Attitude Lad, Fringe, Rush, and the upcoming Footsoldiers   from Dark Horse and The Creep  from Caliber. He is also a co-conspirator on Action Planet's Uncle Slam and Firedog, with Ande Parks.

Here's the Gallery for Phil.

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