Creator/writer/artist on G.I.R.L. Patrol and Monsterman, Editor/publisher of Action Planet Comics.

Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan. His powerful and expressive drawings, dynamic inks and strong story telling skills, have made him an in-demand artist for some of comic's top titles for all of the major publishers from Marvel, DC to Dark Horse. Working in animation as a storyboard and background designer from his home in Philadelphia, Mike's worked as part of the Emmy Award winning team of artists who produced the highly successful Warner Bros. Kids WB shows"Superman, Batman" and "Batman Beyond".

He has also worked on "SPY GROOVE" for MTV,"Spawn" for HBO, and ABC's "One Saturday Morning", and "Clerks", based on the Kevin Smith movie. Mike is currently working for Disney as a storyboard artist on Tarzan.

In 1995 Mike formed Action Planet Inc. as a home to publish his own comics and ideas. Starting with the anthology, Action Planet Comics, featuring his character Monsterman. Mike's been on the web since early 1996 with his web site Action Planet.com, which has grown to include Mike's award winning on-line web comic, G.I.R.L. Patrol.


Kirk Armstrong had everything going for him, a great job as a fantasy model sculptor, and theme park consultant. A beautiful girlfriend, Terry, daughter of Olympus Oak’s biggest industrialist, Edelton Marsh. Everything was just peachy . . .

Until the day his eccentric Uncle Zachariah Armstrong disappeared, leaving him in possession of the oldest mansion in the city, the Cobb House, full of his missing uncle’s collection of bizarre art and sculpture.

Everything was looking up until the day he entered his uncle’s study, and accidentally invoked a 3000 year old curse. . .

Then things changed forever.


Captain Natalia Vreena is the most decorated officer of the G.I.R.L. Patrol. Born on the Moon, her parents moved to Mars when she was 6, where she grew up as the oldest of three sisters. "Nat," as her family and friends called her, was a natural tomboy, and got into lots of trouble, stealing hover cars and drag racing the canals of Mars, as well as almost blowing up her high school during her prom.

Her parents had no choice after that--It was the army, the G.I.R.L. Academy or the Juvey Jail on Jupiter. Nat chose the academy, beating out all the other applicants' scores and landing enrollment in the officer school of the G.I.R.L. Academy. Graduating as an lieutenant she was assigned to the Vorlan system on the border of known space, where she had many exciting adventures, culminating in a fire fight on a lonely border world with a race of aliens known as the Naldarians. She single-handedly fought off the enemy, after most of her platoon had been killed saving the colony, but received grave injuries which nearly killed her. She was rushed to Earth on a hospital transport, where she recovered for 16 weeks in a regeneration tank, barely clinging to life. The doctors were unable to remove the alien genetic material, which somehow bonded with her DNA, giving her the athletic powers of an Olympic champion. With the rank of Captain she returned to duty on Earth, where she now operates out of the G.I.R.L. Central which is located in what used to be New York City. Her kid sister, Stacy, has entered the academy to follow in her big sister's shoes.

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