Bret Bret Blevins
Artist on The Comet Chasers in Action Planet Comics #2
As well as upcoming features in Action Planet and Uncle Slam!
Mike Manley's best bud and fellow Superman storyboard artist, Bret Blevins has been one of comicdom's best kept secrets for years. Only those who have been lucky enough to ogle his sketch books in person have be privy to the "true" Blevins. He may come off as a loving husband and mild-mannered daddy of two, but that is a carefully crafted facade. "Like almost every artist I've known", says Mike, "Bret's sketch books contain his best works. And in Bret's case, his red-blooded, eye-popping 'Girlie works'. Bret is one of the best delineators of the female form to ever grasp a pencil in his double jointed sweaty palm."
Here's the Gallery for Bret.
These are but a few of the gems from Bret's vast
treasure trove of artistic goodies... Enjoy!

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