Ande Ande Parks

Creator, writer, finish artist on Uncle Slam and Firedog

Ande's crisp, strong style has made him the inker-of-choice for several of the premiere titles in comics. Little did we suspect the hilariously twisted writer that hid beneath that reserved exterior. But now the truth is out and so is Uncle Slam and Firedog!

"I personally guarantee that Uncle Slam  will be the finest comic book yet produced by a delusional, disfigured super-hero and his robotic dog sidekick.

Uncle Slam  offers a mixture of innocence, fun, paranoia, conspiracy, and governmental intrigue.

In Uncle Slam,  I'm exploring the idea of the American Super-Hero gone slightly wrong. While the character is a mess to look at and may not always be aware of his surroundings, he is still fighting the good fight as he sees it. He represents that part of the American Dream that cannot be tarnished."

Ande is originally from Kansas and has just returned there after an extended stay in Philadelphia. Among other projects he is currently inking the The Ray  for DC Comics. He has also worked on Wonder Woman, Catworman, Superboy, Footsoldiers ,  and a number of projects with his buddy and Uncle Slam  co-conspirator Phil Hester.

Ande spends his free time playing golf, rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, playing board games with his lovely wife, and worshipping Orson Welles.

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