Wrathbone & Bitchula Wrathbone & Bitchula
Story and art by John Heebink

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Wrathbone is a huge, furry apartment maintenance man in the fabled coastal mecca of San Cosmo. A string of strange, threatening occurrences in his building continue with the arrival of an impassioned would-be reformer, the politically correct Patchouli Woman. Wrathbone's investigations excite Patchouli’s paranoia, driving her into an ill-advised alliance with the powerful Rev. Wade Poole. The two conspire to attack Wrathbone in his home so as to scare him off their trail. But soon it’s a battle royal, drawing in Wrathbone’s small band of eccentric friends -- like the feisty sexbomb Bitchula and misanthropic mechanical whiz Hooks -- against the assembled forces of repression and corruption -- with nothing less than the soul of a city at stake!

Action Planet Comics readers are invited to sit for a steaming feast of funny, fast-moving, superspy-superhero action. “A wild ride is in store”, Heebink vows, as Wrathbone and Bitchula fight the forces of joyless propriety to make their licentious hellhole of a city stay that way!

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Wrathbone and Bitchula is TM & ©1996,1997,1998 by John Heebink