Uncle Slam Uncle Slam

Story and finished art by Ande Parks, breakdowns by Phil Hester

Uncle Slam was created at the end of the ’30s as another in a long series of government-sponsored heroes intended to buoy the nation’s morale, and maybe kick butt a little when needed. Rather than go along with the program, however, when Uncle Slam acquired disturbing knowledge about the government he had sworn to defend, he confronted his superiors. After barely surviving a bombing meant to eliminate him, Uncle Slam went underground for 30 years.

Now he is ready with his faithful companion, Fire Dog, to fight once more for the American Dream! Unfortunately, the bad guys are not as easy to spot this time around. In addition, the bombing left Uncle Slam’s face, and his mind, in less than perfect condition.

While Fire Dog’s origin will remain a mystery for awhile, this much is known; he is a highly intelligent, powerful, one foot-tall robotic dalmation; he saved Uncle Slam from the fire that almost consumed him after the government tried to kill him in a bombing; he is capable of storing enormous energy, which he can pass along to Uncle Slam as needed; he is the brains of this operation; and he likes bones.

Uncle Slam lives in a secret lair hidden underneath Washington, D.C. The time is now. On the surface, his world is identical to ours. In Uncle Slam’s world, however, the federal government is actually controlled by shadowy agencies that are hell-bent on maintaining their power base and destroying Uncle Slam. they will employ fantastic weaponry, super-powered agents, and mystical forces in their war against our hero.

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Uncle Slam and Firedog is TM & ©1996,1997,1998 by Ande Parks